Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The Morgan Giles 30 bottom finished and now ready to make a start on filling the reduntant holes in the superstruture

Now that the bottom is finished apart there the cradle legs are on the hull the bottom is ready for antifouling when the rest of the yacht is ready to go back in the water.

So after the superstructure was given a good vacuuming down it was time to set out the list of jobs to get the holes filled up and the best way to do this job. The window holes are going to have perspex panels which will be waxed and  fixed to the outside of the superstructure, then gelcoated  on the inside of the perspex and then glassed up on the inside until the thickness is the same as the surrounding supersturcture and then the outside will be faired in to the rest of the superstructure. 

This hole will be done in the opposite way that it will be laid up from the bottom until the hole is almost filled and then the top will be gelcoated and then faired to the same as the rest of the cabin top 

The smaller holes will be filled and faired from the top and a couple of layer of fibreglass glassed on on the underside 

The cockpit holes will be done in the same way as the window holes, the only holes that will not be filled will be the two cockpit drain holes which will have drains that will fit flush in the bottom of the cockpit sole so it will drain correctly

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