Thursday, 17 October 2019

Grinding the interior of the Morgan Giles 30 ready to glass up the redundant holes in the bottom and the superstructure

Grinding round the windows to a feather edge so they are ready to have the perspex panels fixed to the outside so to have something that is there to put the gelcoat on to and then lay up the fibreglass

Once they are filled up with fibreglass it will be time to remove the perspex and then sand and fair the outside surface ready to paint the superstructure.

The same grinding been done to the holes in the bottom of the hull, an area the size of a dinner plate, which will start off as a 3 inch circle and get larger until the thickness of the repair is the same as the surrounding area 

A odd patch appeared while grinding this area. it appears to be an old instrument panel hole that as been filled in the past and only come to light now that the owner wish to have the three holes for the last engine instrument glassing up.  

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