Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The inside of the Morgan Giles 30 the list of jobs ahead are many, however they will be done in a logical order and will get done over the next few months

The first job is to vacuum the inside and mark out the position of all the main parts and the holes that need to be glassed up in the bottom before any bulkheads can be fitted in position and glassed into position.

One good use for the old cabin floorboard, it makes a stable platform to work off when fitting out the inside. the only thing to do is to make it a little wider to be able to fit a small work bench in the middle to hold woodwork while shaping it to fit the hull. 

 The old floorboard just needs to be about a foot wider on each side to make it a useable platform, a job for the morning and get some more lighting to make working on the inside easier and safer.

The foredeck area where there was a piece of plywood laid in the area, it would be better to lay it up with layer of fibreglass until it is the the same level as the surrounding area and then gelcoat the whole area before the whole deck is painted when the yacht is nearly finished.

The cockpit it now in need of a good cleaning up and any holes glassing up and surfaces filling and fair ready to be painted later in the yacht refit.

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