Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Bonding the new wood to the original framework of the speed boat

Today it was time to move to the interior of the back of the speed boat and bond the new wood to the original framework of the speed boat. Now that the new wood is bonded to the original. The first of the two layers of marine plywood that are going to make up for the removed original rotten laminated mahogany can be fixed and glued into position and faired up before the second and final layer of marine plywood can be glued and fixed into position. then the bottom can be faired and the edges of the transom can be repaired with  mahogany veneers before the whole of the bottom is faired up. Once this is done the spray  rails will be glued and light pinned in position. Then the other general hull repairs are get done before the hull is sanded and painted and then the boat turned over back on to the trailer the hull side down and the other work on the boat can be done before the boat is refitted ready to be put back on the water next year for engine trials. 

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