Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Switch around Wednesday

Today was switch around Wednesday with a number of boats going out of the workshop and getting ready for thier final jobs before returning to their owners.
The one below is Jasmine which has just its thwarts to go in and then get transported to for owner's sailing club.

This boat has just got to have its engine serviced and run up ready to go back to its owner's mooring  

The yard outside the workshop is now clear of any rubbish and is able to be used to have boats worked on in the yard when not needed to be in the workshop under cover.

The trailer front is now in the workshop so it can be worked on in the dry and have the GRP repairs done on it and the refitted to the rest of the trailer and then the rest of the trailer can be finished off and used as a motor bike trailer.

If was now enough, got an outboard engine in for work on its rope starting cord which has broken and is in need of replacement.

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