Saturday, 19 January 2019

A few more jobs to get on with this coming week and should be ready to go back to its owner's mooring

Now that a few of thew deck fittings are back in position in is time to put the rest back on

The hatches have to have a coat of deck paint then that they have been coated with epoxy primer 

The same with the vents on the roof

The spacers for the Genoa tracks have been primed and just need coating with deck paint before these go on and the Genoa tracks will be better than before as the water will not collect on the high side of the tracks

The two hatches now epoxy primed and ready for their coat of blue deck paint

The fore deck just needs to be finished off with the trims round the Samson post and the cabin sides and then the bowsprit can be refitted.

Sorting out the position of the Stanchion bases ready to bolt them back on the deck

Finally the pushpit need bolting down as two of its fixings are the backstay anchoring points 

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