Thursday, 10 January 2019

A Full restoration on a Cornish Crabber

This Cornish crabber is in the Yard for a total rebuild and restoration back to sailing condition 

One of the first jobs will be to make a temporary Shed to go over it while the work is done on the outside of the hull and the grinding off of the old bulkhead positions after they are all measured up and photograph to use when rebuilding the bulkheads and deck beams other fixtures and fittings in the boat.

One of the early jobs will be to remove the mast and put it in the workshop and hang it up in the roof space to keep it out of the way and also to dry it out before getting on with sanding the mast down and re-varnishing the mast later down the line.

One of the main jobs over the next few days is to take measurements of all the bulkhead positions  from a datum position and use this to make a plan to re-fix the bulkheads back in after the inside of the hull is cleaned of all the old matting that was leftover from when the old bulkheads were removed. 

All the positions of outside fixings and rubbing strakes and chain plates and portholes to be photographed so they will be refitted in the same position as they were removed.

Even the skeg shoe will need renewing as this is missing and a replacement will have to be sourced from the builders of the boat.

So there is a lot of grinding and photographing to be done over the next few weeks while we get ready to put her in the workshop and get on with her rebuild.

This is one job that is going to be interesting to do, To reinstall the centreboard case back in the boat after a previous owner decided to remove it and toyed with the idea of making the yacht have a fixed keel. However, the new owner wishes to have it put back in and put the boat back the way it was originally build

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