Monday, 14 January 2019

A good Monday's work with the whole team working as one.

The main job on the Motor Launch today was to get the cutlass bearing back in the stern tube and refit the propeller shaft and propeller and then refit the rudder. This was achieved as was marking out the new boottop  line on the boat ready for it to be painted once it is back in the workshop.

One of the less peasant jobs on this motor launch removing the fuel tank and getting the soiled diesel out of the tank and then finding foreign particles in the bottom.   

Jasmine the Halcyon dinghy turned over for the last time to get its bottom antifouled before turning it back over and putting on its trailer ready for its thwarts and few minor jobs on the inside to do before going back to its owner's sailing club.

The Finesse 21 getting its second coat of epoxy before the deck epoxy primer is put on the deck so that the rubbing strakes and deck to cabin side trims can be fitted 

The rubbing strakes being shaped and sanded ready to fit on the boat.

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