Sunday, 6 January 2019

A fullon week coming up and a plans for the future as we build on last years work.

This coming week will be the first full length week for the Apprentices and myself, There is a lot to do this week and get done by Friday. The Finesse 21 should have its deck all finished and the deck fittings ready to go on and then the boat can go back to its home marina and back out sailing in the spring and when the day get longer and warmer. Also this week will see the finishing off of the Halcyon Dinghy Jasmine and its return to its sailing club, so that its owner can go sailing on the sailing club lake down at Forest Green in Herefordshire in the spring as well. Once these are done and gone back to their home bases. It will be time to make a start on the Hardy 25 and the Cornish Crabber and get their refits underway out in the yard. While in the workshop there will be MG 30 refit and the motor launch refit and the Bike Trailer rebuild to get underway as well. While this is going on there will be the refit to do on Mai-Star II to get worked on between the other jobs in the yard. If this was not enough we will try to fit in a couple of new dinghy builds as well. So there is a lot to get on with over the next few months. This way the apprentices will be gaining a lot of new skills to build on their new skills they have learned over the past three months since they have started their apprenticeships.

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