Thursday, 20 September 2018

Engineering day with the new stern gear being put in position and measured up

In order to get the correct measurements the engine bed was bolted down into position to set up the position of the gearbox drive shaft coupling 

Once that was done the propeller shaft with the drive coupling fixed to the forward end of the propeller shaft was inserted until the coupling was in the correct position and the stern tube and the shaft were able to be marked off

The engine is having a flexible coupling fitted to take out the shock loading of the gearbox going in and out of gear and making the transmission smoother 

Just sliding the cutlass outer bearing on to the shaft to gauge how much of the stern tube as to be removed and threaded 

All removed and marked up and ready to go back to the engineering workshop to be machined up so that the next time these parts are in the workshop they will be fitted back in the stern post. 

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