Sunday, 23 September 2018

Remaking the top of the cabin side

The first job in the reconstruction of the cabin roof is the cutting out of the rotten top section of the cabin side. This was done by use of a sonic saw and a batten fixed to the cabin side at the bottom edge of the rot and cut along the top edge of the batten cutting a straight line along from aft to forward. 

Having cut the rotten area out, patterned up a new piece of mahogany to fit in the space and clamped it down into position  

It also needed clamping side wards as well as the cabin side has a 9 mm bend in it from forward to aft, Once it was drilled and glued and screwed into position then it was time to sort out the rest of the parts that make up the cabin side and roof.

The cabin roof beams that are in bits and a small jigsaw puzzle which will have to be remade to finish off the deck beams and so the plywood can be laid over the new deck beams once they are made and fitted 

The deck beams set out on the new bit of mahogany ready to be cut on Monday morning and when planed up fixed in position and when the other deck beams are made the plywood can be laid over the beams 

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