Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Continuing the work on the finesse 24

The transom as now come along from being bare wood to being well on its way, now it as four coats of thinned varnish  

Bare wood 

Two coats of varnish 

Now it has four coats of varnish, just another four to go 
The latest coat was put on by the owner partner 

Finally got a piece of marine plywood that is what it says it is and which is glued together through and through 

While he started to paint out the aft section of the cockpit so the new aft bulkhead can go back in position and start the rebuild of the cockpit floor bearers and cockpit lockers

Another job that is coming along is the second layer of marine plywood for the fore cabin roof/deck 

The new aft section of the fore cabin roof/deck being planned and cut down to the correct size

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