Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The deck now all cleared away and now can start on the re-building

The fore cabin roof/ deck head plywood is now gone and as no surprises  that were not already none about before the plywood was removed 

This sliding hatch runner is being left in place while the other work around the hatch beams is done so there is a reference point to work to when building the rest back in place  

These beams have patch rot in them so these will be coming out during the course of the refit

The upstand forward end main cabin is in sound condition and just needs a good sanding and clearing up to make in good 

The fore cabin deck beams are in good condition apart from getting a good clean up with a sander and some course sandpaper to get rid of the old glue on the top of the beams before being able to glue down the new deck plywood 

A good overall view of the deck and the job ahead

The other deck beams that have to come out before the new plywood deck can get laid  

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