Friday, 13 July 2018

Busy day down at the boatyard taking a plank out and giving the hull of the yacht more coats of primer

Got the split plank out of the hull after first having to remove the aft section of bilge stringer which cover the upper set of fixing nails

The plank on the bench to see how it became split in the first place and see how to avoid it next time

uncovering damage which was there for sometime as this plank or any plank around it have never been repaired or moved in 45 years 

The space where the plank was as well as the bilge stringer removed so as to get access to the plank to fit a new section of plank into the hull 

The section of the plank above the split plank with a piece missing from this plank 

A couple of different views of the plank showing the job ahead fitting the new plank

The split plank before it was removed 

These are photos of the hull now having its third and fourth coats of primer on the hull and after its first bit of surface filling being done and sanded back.


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