Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Busy day with a number of jobs getting underway in different stages

The port hole is out of a classic 1930's yacht and as seen better days, the list of problems with this porthole are that the opening part the seal was incorrectly fitted and was one source of  a leak and the other is the sealant that beds the glass in the opening part of porthole. So it is off to the window restorers to get this sorted.

The stern tube with the restored ends ready to put in the new stern tube log which is now drilled out ready for the main hole to be drilled in it to fit the tube.

The guide hole drilled in the stern tube log now it is a matter of boring out the main hole to fit the stern tube in it and then bolt it back in the yacht.

The Hardy 25 custom shower tray released from its plug and now in need of a bit of tidying up and cutting to the correct height and then fitting to the tiolet/ shower compartment and so the rest of the work can be got on with to start the rebuilt of the compartment and the est of the boat.

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