Tuesday, 17 July 2018

final two sections glued and screwed down, let the trimming begin

The final two fore deck sections are glued down and it is now time to trim back the sections glued down yesterday and then end up with the two sections glued down this morning 

Looking a lot better than a few weeks ago when the yacht had no deck on or any paint on the hull, so the whole job is coming along well at the moment.

Now got to sort the deck for sheathing it over once it is trimmed back 

Finally all the outside edges of the decks are trimmed and planed to the correct angle of the plank to deck edge so that the rubbing strakes will sit against the hull when the deck is sheathed.    

The line is now true and fair round the hull which is the way it should be

That is one job that as been a long and at times difficult, however the end result is well worth the challenge.

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