Monday, 25 April 2016

Cleaning out fuel pump and refitting engine filter and emptying fuel tank and inspecting the inside

After taking off the top of the lift pump the same contaminated fuel was present in this part of the fuel system and shows that this as been a problem for quite a while not just over night.

The filter element of the pump was blocked as well 

Starting to clear out the fuel lift pump body to get rid of the contaminated fuel before rebuilding the lift pump 

Lift pump cleared as well as the filter element of the lift pump now ready to have the top refitted and the lift pump tested 

The lift pump re-build and the new fuel filter element fitted, now ready to have the new fuel pipes fitted 

The condition of the inside of the fuel tank, which as been condemned as it is not economic to try and clean if it was possible to clear at all.

A tale of neglect of the fuel system which as caused a major overhaul of the fuel system both on the engine and the fuel system in general. 

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