Friday, 18 April 2014

The new cabinsides are now back in place and ready to start work on the deck beams.

This photo show the last part of the cabinsides now in place and ready to be fixed in place.
This photo shows the starboard side jointed into the cabin front.

 and the port side too. Now it is a matter of getting the corner pieces cut to length and fitted to try the whole lot together.

This is a major step forward to getting the new cabin roof / deck back in place. Now that the cabin sides are back in place. It will be a matter of cutting down the cabin sides to the level of the cabin front and then fitting the deck beams back into the top of the cabin sides as they were before. But before this is done the four corner pieces have to be made up and fitted and then the whole lot will have to come out and be given a thin coat of varnish and then the corners glued together and the cabin sides will be set on sealant where it is fixed to the carlins.

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