Saturday, 12 April 2014

Busy week with lots of little jobs and not so little jobs either started or finished.

This week has been busy with a lot of little jobs being finished and a number of bigger jobs either started or re-started. Got the old GRP dinghy cleaned up and polished and re-painted as necessary and taken down the boatyard ready to be launch next week. Also moving the Hardy 18 to its new mooring and so the owner can get off and on his boat without any problems. Finished leathering up the spars so that they do not wear when the sails are set and rubbing along the rigging. Did a bit of work on the Enterprise dinghy, filling the screw holes on the hull and also the little holes left in the deck beams and gunwales from the old nails and screws from the old deck.

Also had time to get some work done on Mai-Star II and start to get the new cabin sides into position and start to fix them in place. Then go and do a bit of own boat tuition with a boat owner on his new boat. 

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