Friday, 25 April 2014

A producive day with major steps forward.

Yesterday was a productive day in that it got the new cabin sides in place and finally glued and sealed in place. Also the hull on the starboard side was finally had all the paint removed and the hull sanded back to bare wood and one of the original scribed waterlines was find two and half inched below what was the one that was found before.

Having found this waterline the paint was stripped down to this mark, The one I was using appears to be one the was marked into the boats' hull when the engine was fitted and seeing as this is no longer going to be there the waterline is now being lowered to its original position.

The new cabin sides are this time fixed in a way that the original one should have been fitted. That is to say fixed to the carlins and not sitting on the side decks and then screwed to a covering board which itself was fixed to the carlin. The problem with the first way was when people moved down the side deck the joint between the side deck and the cabin side would move and the whole joint would leak. At least time the chances are it will not happen.

The next job on the list of boat jobs is to put back the ribs that are missing and put the final plank in the bottom on the port side. Then fit the deck beams on to the cabin sides and then fit the cabin roof so it to will appear as a old fashion roof from the inside , however from the outside it will be a modern roof made from a sheet of marine plywood which will be sheaved in epoxy matting and epoxy making a very strong roof.

So all in all it as been a good weeks' work on the boat and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a finishing line that appears to be sight.

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