Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Another busy day ahead.

Another busy day ahead with work to be done on the planking, namely the refastening of a number of nails on a few old ribs and a few fixing on a few of the grown frames where the planks have moved off the frames. These have made steps in the planking so it looks more like a clinker than a carvel planked hull. So with a bit of careful jacking up back into place and re-fastening it should be a lot better.

With the help from my wife, she will be doing some burning off of the old paint on the starboard side and then some sanding on the inside. The list of jobs will soon be got through.

Another job to be done today will be moving the filler cap for the water tank and the making of some locker bases for the cabin lockers so that more of them can be used for storage, as on any small boat this is of a short supply at the best of times and Mai-Star II is no different to any other boat.

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