Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Giving the old dinghy a bit of TLC

Today's jobs are giving the old dinghy a bit of TLC and a coat of paint on the bottom and good compounding on the hull and then a coat of paint on the inside both on the topsides of the hull and then giving the floor a fresh coat of anti slip paint and then taking it to the boatyard to put in the water for the start of the new season. Once that done then turn my attention to the Enterprise and Mai-Star II and get them sorted out.

This photo is of the dinghy from died ahead show one side has been compounded and the other is yet to be done
This photo is of the bottom being antifouled

 Another photo of the bottom having been antifouled
This photo showing the boat all finished on the outside
Another photo this time from the port side
This photo shows the inside topsides having been given a fresh coat of paint and just the floor to be done then the boat will be ready to go afloat agan for the season.

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