Wednesday, 11 December 2013

We do refits on Hardy Marine boats

We get asked from time to time to work on Hardy Marine & Princess yachts boats. Having for many years worked in the marine industry. I have come across a number of these boats and done work on a number of their product boats. I have a great deal of knowledge of Hardy boats having worked for them for 7 years during the 1980's. Also while working for another company worked on a number of the Princess yachts range of boats especially the smaller Princess from their product range. Therefore having a good deal of knowledge of their boats and how they are put together and how their systems work.

So when asked to do work on these boats it is easier to work on these boats.

The first Hardy boat I am presently working on is a Hardy Navigator 18 which is in need of a good deal of TLC and general tidying up as it has been left to go a little.

This photo is of the outside of the boat after it had its first session with a compounding machine and the difference it made getting rid of years of dirt that had build up over the years.

This photo is of the port side after it had been given the same treatment, but side is need of a great deal more work as it as damage to the hull gel coat amidships that needs reworking and being back to looking like new once more.
This photo shows the condition of the cockpit wiring down the starboard side, just hanging down without being clipped up and made to good a professional job.
This photo shows the condition of the cabin doors and how they have weather from leaving the cockpit cover off and letting the weather damage the varnish on them
This photo shows the condition of the back of the cockpit where it is in need of a bit of TLC and re-organising
This photo is of a view of the cockpit showing that the boat is in need of a good cleaning up.
This photo shows that the window seal as given way and that the windows are in need of resealing to make them watertight once more
This photo shows how the rubber in the windows as become shorter over the years and is in need of replacing to ensure the window is watertight.
This photo shows a jungle of wiring that needs sorting out and making safe and easily managed in the future
The steering position is in need of a general sorting out and tidying up to make it more workmanlike able to be used easier by its new owner.
This photo shows the VHF which as been removed to get tested and if need be replaced with a more modern unit.
This is just the start of this refit and will be posting more photo and text about the work as it progesses along the refit.

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