Thursday, 12 December 2013

The third phase was to start to fit the bulkheads in the toilet compaprment and dry fit the new windows

The first job that had to be done was to repair the damaged window surrounds that had been damaged when the old windows were taken out to be replaced.
This work had to be done to a number of the windows down the startboard side
Much of the problem was caused by the lay up not being thick enough around the window surrounds leading it to break.
Once the repairs had been done to the window surrounds then the new windows started to be fitted back in the window surrounds
Then the first side was dry fitted and then it was the turn of the other side
Once these were done then the front windows were fitted in place.
While the windows were being fitted the toilet compartment bulkheads were being fitted .
In this photo the front and aft bulkhead panels are fitted in place before they are lined with formica.
This photo shows the bulkhead that fits fore and aft to leave the piece for the doorway.
Another photo of the front and side bulkheads in place before being removed to be covered with formica and then fitted back in place with oak trims in the edges.

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