Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The refit continues with a good compounding of the hull and a clean out of the inside.

So the hard work begins with the hull being given a good compounding and removing of some of the bad marks the boat as got over the years especially the one it has got on the port side amidships. In the first photo it is cleanly seen.
In the second photo it is gone as if it was never there in the first place.
The same it true in the next pair of photos the cockpit in a dirty state and then
In the next photo the cockpit carpet and the surrounding area is given a good vacuuming and makes it look at lot better.
The starboard side is given a good compounding and it bring up the true colour of the hull.
This photo is of the inside of the cabin with it given a clean up and sorting out of the cushions and table into the correct storage positions.
The table when not in place as a double bunk infill is placed on the locker opposite the galley/sink area.

Now the rest of the refit can continue with the rest of the jobs on the refit list.

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