Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The second phase of the P{rincess 25 refit

The next phase of the refit was to seal up the window holes to keep the weather out of the boat while the new windows were being made and so that work could continue on the inside of the boat.

At the same time the hull was compounded to give a good look at the hull and see how much work the hull was going to need to bring it back up to a good condition.
This is a photo of the forward end of the main cabin giving a good look at how the front as been brought back to a good condition after a good deal of cleaning and polishing as been done .
The main cabin under the floor and in the lockers as been painted out with white bilge paint to lighten up the cabin and make it easier to find items in the lockers once the boat is back in commission.
A photo looking down the port side looing forward.
A photo looking down the starboard side looking forward
This photo shows the area in the toilet compartment where the seacocks are is painted as well.
The next phase is to put the new bulkheads in the toilet area and sort out the tanks and galley area.

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