Saturday, 13 June 2015

Next week, it will be time to get the cabin ribs finished, then start on the cockpit ribs.

Next week, it will be time to get the cabin ribs cliched up and start to make getting the rest of the cabin refit underway with getting the under berth lockers sorted and the area sorted so that it can be use for storage while underway sailing. Because at the moment there no bases in the locker under the bunks apart from the areas where the battery box is located and the base for the flexible water tank.

So there is a bit of work to do in this area, There is also a fair bit of varnishing and painting to be done in the area as especially the cabin sides and also the front portholes have to be fitted.

While one of the team is sorting out the cabin the other team member will sorting out the cockpit, getting the cockpit sides sorted out with making new cockpit coamings and well as the new cockpit seats and lockers and making a new cockpit sole.

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