Thursday, 11 June 2015

One step closer to the end of the refit.

At the the portholes are sealed in place, so now the cabin is getting more watertight by the day, so it is just the deckhead to cover with epoxy resin and matting to finish it off now to complete the job.

Good to get that job out of the way and get on with other jobs around the cabin and get the boat a step closer to the water.

The final port side rib in the cabin, just got to get some more copper nails and this job will be finished and another milestone will have been reached.

One job that will be needed to be sorted, a broken frame, one of the jobs I am not looking forward to doing as it could be a little headache, but we will see how it turns out.

The last three ribs in the starboard side in the cabin now fitted in place, just need cliching up and that will be a milestone met and can move on to the next job on the refit list.

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