Saturday, 20 June 2015

Getting Mai-Star II closer to getting in the water, or at least trying my best to see this happen

This week has been a good week in the progress of the restoration of Mai-Star II with the last of the main ribs steamed into place. Just got to get some more copper nails over the weekend to finish off the job. Now it will be time to turn the teams attention to getting the hull sorted and watertight as well as the cabin roof and fitting the trims to the cabin sides top and bottom.

After that is done then I might tackle the forehatch that needs replacing and make one that is watertight when I get a green one over the bow when going to windward in a blow. 

Another job I have got is to let in a piece of plank on the plank above the garboard which my last apprentice broke off the plank and did not think it a problem. He is no longer with me as he find out boat building was not for him and he walked away. Thats in the past, now on to the future, So now that the ribs are in and all the planks that were going to be replaced this time round, it is on to the more enjoyable parts of the restoration which after you do a few of them, the boat starts to come more back to life and look more like a vessel than a wreck with bits hanging off it in different places.

So next week it is out with the paint brushes and get some paint on the hull and get the boat a bit wet as this dry weather is playing hell on the planking as being larch it is drying out a great deal. So it a race to get her back in the water so she can take up.

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