Thursday, 11 June 2015

Today saw the final coat of varnish on the inside of the Enterprise, now the rest of the work on the dinghy can start.

Today saw the final coat of varnish put on the inside of the hull before the inside gets refitted with the thwarts and seats and the front watertight bulkhead gets its inspection hatch fitted along with the drainage bungs at the base of the bulkhead.

Now it is a matter of turning over the dinghy and doing the deck, that is to say sand it down to bring back its colour and to fit the front spray rails, the mast step and the missing infill on the top of the transom, before making a start on the varnishing of the deck.

At the same time the inside will be refitted with all the newly restored seats and thwarts and the thart rails that are screwed in place through the hull.

However before any of this happens the keel bands and the centreboard slot gasket as to be sourced and fitted and the two lower panels of the hull will be painted with white gloss so that this job can be done before the dinghy is put back on its keel. Once that is done the boat will not have to be move off its trailer until it is re-launched and sailed.

So next week is going to be busy doing this around the other jobs planned for this week.

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