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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The project has begun and getting underway

 Here a few photos of the task ahead on the restoration of a classic Princess 25

A photo of the main cabin looking forward

 A photo of the engine room

 Another photo of the engine room
 Main Cabin looking aft towards the steering position

 The doorwayand toilet compartment
 Floor access to bilge
 Bilge access in forward end of cabin
 Galley area in need of a bit of TLC
 Bathroom sink unit in need of a bit of TLC
 Another photo of galley area
 Forward end of the main cabin looking at chain locker and water tank filler pipe
 Port side front bunk

 Steering position in need of a bit of TLC and revamping with new controls.


 Old fuel tank
 Locker under the galley sink
 light wiring hanging off the deck head

 Old water pump system this will get revamped with a new system.
 Two photos of the cabin windows boarded up to keep the weather out while working on the inside getting that back together.

The lid of the water tank before it is cleaned
 The inside of the forward water tank in a bit of a state, but it can and will be cleaned and made safe
 A photo of the port side of the forward bunk with the stickly back plastic removed
 The same on the starboard side before it was done.
This is a photo of the forward berth started to be cleaned of the old material and glue that has covered this up for years. 

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