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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fruitful week with a lot done to all the boats that we are working on.

It has been a week of going two steps forward and one back with the restoration dinghy project. This is because having just finished off putting the final screws and nails in the first two full length planks it is time to take out the other damaged planks that need replacing as they have spilts and bits missing out of them. So it was back to grinding off the roves and punching out the old nails and removing the old planks in one piece so that they can be used for patterns for the new planks.

It also give the owner a chance to look over the underside of his dinghy to check out any problems with the bottom of the centrboard case and the general condition of the underside of the hull in general. Also at a late date give it a coat of primer to seal the bottom before painting the boat completely before taking it for its first sail after the work is completed.

The other boat that is being worked on at the moment is a Classic Princess 25 which is in need of a fair amount of TLC and rebuilding. The first jobs of the week was to clearer out the inside after first putting plywood blanks in the place of the windows that are out to be replaced. After the blanks were put in then it was the turn of the cabin to get cleared of the old gear the was laiding round the cabin. Removing parts that needed keeping for patterns and otyher that needed disposing of as they had seen better days and were in need of updated to present regulations.

Then I was able to get the wood for Mai-Star II's new cabin sides this week so that job can go ahead over the next few weeks and get the boat back in the water and sailing agaIN.

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