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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Princess 25 refit

So it begins, now it is time to start to make new panels and boards to go into the boat where the old one were either damaged or rotten or both. Another job that has to be done is to put in new items of equipment that were not there before to bring it up to date and within the new regulations for boat safety. This is especially true of the fuel and gas systems on the boat.

Once all the panels are made then it will be time to take them to the boat and first fit them to ensure they are going to fit correctly to the boat before ordering the material to cover them.  So it is going to be a busy day cutting lots of plywood and marking out old panels and making new patterns for pieces that are missing.

Today was day one of getting the new panels cut out to the old panels and tomorrow it will be the day that they get their edges machined up and get a coat of varnish to seal the panels for the bunk tops and the floor panels/ inspection panels for the bilges in the main cabin.

It has been a busy week getting new panels cut and varnished and getting other jobs sorted along the way. So that next week the work can continue on the boat and get the fuel tank out of the boat and also start to paint the lockers out with fresh bilge paint and sort out the new bulkheads and make patterns for the ones that are missing.

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