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Friday, 21 June 2013

Finally there is an end to the taking apart the boat?

At last it appears there is an end to the taking apart of the Princess 25. Just got to remove the old fuel tank out of the boat and the old fuel line to complete the job. Then will come the process of putting the boat back together once more. The biggest job will be to reline the cabin out with its vinyl covered panels which are going to be made from starch again as the old one's are not around any more.

But before any of that can be done, there will have to be some repairs to the window surrounds were there was damage to the surrounds when the old windows were removed.The new windows are going to build over the next few weeks and once they are done and the sidelining panels are made and refitted then the boat will once again be watertight in the cabin. That will the first stage done then the rest of the refit can start with the sort of of the water system and the wiring of the boat up to a modern safety standard and the other systems brought up to date at the same time.

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