Saturday, 10 August 2019

Work on the Morgan Giles 30 as come along and the interior is now starting to come together

The aft cockpit bulkhead now back in position and the two fore and aft running bulkheads now glassed back in position 

The first of the main bulkheads glassed in position, now it is time to fit the starboard bulkhead  into position and then cut the doorway out of the bulkheads once they are both in position and glassed in  

Another job that was done while fitting the bulkheads was to make a custom ice box locker fro the cockpit. Now it as to have the outside surfaces covered with insulation before fitting in to its new home in the starboard cockpit locker  

Finally finished the repairs to the rudder blade which had some loose matting around the leading and trailing edges which were removed and reinstated and the whole rudder epoxied like the hull and ready to have fitter pull on the areas which need fairing.

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