Monday, 12 August 2019

A major step forward with the Morgan Giles 30 the first pair of bulkheads being Glassed in position

The second bulkhead now fitted in position and ready to Glass in position after the second bulkhead was trimmed in the centre to fit the first bulkhead that was glassed in position last week

Clamped in position in the centre and braced against the hull with a clamp that was reversed to push apart the centre and force the bulkhead against the hull to make a good fit 

The first of 8 layers of glass fibre matting to be pull on both sides of the bulkheads

Tomorrow the area under the side deck to the deck head will be glass in and then the other side can be done and then the doorway can cut in the bulkhead. 
Once that is done the second set of bulkheads can be fitted and glassed in position 

Also today the Finesse 24 aft and side deck panel were dry fitted to the deck beams and the under sides were epoxied as request by the yachts owner before they are screwed and glued down into position 

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