Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The large amount of Hardy 25 Varnish work when you have to varnish all the Bulkheads and trims

The Toilet door getting its fresh coats of Satin Varnish 

The Main Cabin Door

Some of the large number of trims that are fitted to the Hardy 25  interior 

Some of the smaller doors and one of the two tables in the boat 

The cockpit battery lockers now getting their thinned coats of varnish before they are coated in Satin varnish 

The Fuel tank cover panel and the diesel Heater locker looking like they would have looked when the boat left Hardy Marine 35 years ago

The battery lockerlooking better now it is varnished and just needing its Satin varnish coats

The galley front looking a lot better now it is varnished  and just needs its final coats of Satin varnish when the boat is finally finished being put back together

The all interior bulkheads are now looking more like them did when the boat was newly build

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