Friday, 10 May 2019

Getting The outer bearing off the Morgan Giles 30 andgetting to grips with all the varnishing on the Hardy 25

Now having got the outer bearing housing off the Morgan Giles 30 it is now on to the internet and suppliers to get a new bearing insert to fit the old bearing housing so that the old stern gear can be used again after a thorough overhauling and a new propeller shaft made to fit the new engine installation

The fitting even as a position stamp on it to ensure it is put the correct way up

Before it was stripped back to bare wood 

Well on the way to being refinished 

The removable bulkheads getting a fresh coat of satin varnish before going back in the Hardy 25 when the carpets are glued back in position


There are a lot of Varnished boards that go in a Hardy 25 Cabin, however once they are in they disappear under Bunk cushions. So much of the hard work that goes into varnishing is hidden from sight. 

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