Friday, 11 August 2017

A busy end to the week after a slow start

The top sheer strake back in position ready to start putting the new planking back on the dinghy

After taking off the broken and split planks, it is now time to start the rebuilding of the side of the dinghy. First put back on the sheer strake plank so there is guide to work to when putting the planks back in position

First dry fitting of the first of the planks that need renewing

Got my every faithful bandsaw back up and running and in position to use it to cut long lengths of planking 

The thicknesser using the tablesaw as a base until I get round to m,aking its own stand to sit on and set up in the workshop

 The GRP works dinghy getting a new transom pad dry fitted to strengthen up the transom to put a larger outboard on for towing boats around

Inside view of the size of the plywood transom pad and just got to fix in position with free-fix and then glass over with several layers of CSM and resin to give it a good strong tyransom 

The Shetland Family 4 getting new cabin side linings glued in position 

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