Saturday, 12 August 2017

As of the 1st of August I was able to get myself a workshop and base to work from for doing a number of projects at the same time

As you can see from the following photos I have been busy getting on with a number of projects from wooden dinghy repairs to GRP cruiser refits 

The first few of the Mai-Star Class dinghy needing a couple of planks replacing as they had got damaged while the dinghy was in storage

Starting the clean out of the old tenants equipment and stetting up  band saw and table saw and thicknesser in position where can be used without being moved

Setting up boat positions so they can all be worked on at the same time without having to move them around the workshop

Starting to fit cabin side linings to an old Shetland Family Four cruiser to update its interior for modern cruising 

Working on the works dinghy giving it a bit of TLC before putting it back to work

An enterprise dinghy in for a few small repairs before going back to sailing on a local lake 

The little Mai dinghy in the workshop to get released from its mould so its fitting out can start as soon as the Mai-Star Class dinghy is finished.

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