Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mai-Star II refit coming along nicely and a number of jobs getting finished off and others made a start on.

The aft end floorboard being given its first fresh coat of deck paint and the step its first coat of undercoat.

The forward floorboard getting its second coat of deck paint. 
The gaps in the planking is down to a warm period of weather and the fact the hull is built out of larch and will take up once its back in the water when the refit is finished.

The cooker area getting a fresh coat of undercoat before the whole area is lined out before the cooker is refitted.

The aft end of the cabin getting a fresh coat of paint before all the masking tape is removed and the hardwood is rubbed down and the hardwood is varnished as well as the other hardwood trims.

The back of the chain locker bulkhead getting its second coat of bilge paint, just a couple more coats before it is refitted.

The cockpit getting it's first coat of white gloss, just a couple more and the bilge paint edge can be finished off and the refit of the cockpit can begin.

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