Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Busy tuesday at the workshop with lots of boat movements and other jobs.

Super Tuesday saw a number of jobs done and other boats started with cleaning some of the boats. Also a number of boat movements, some to other places to be worked on and others just moved around the workshop and  another being sanded down and painted with protective epoxy primer ready to get its paint system. The Enterprise has been moved out of the workshop into the open air to give the varnish a chance to harden off in the direct sun light before being brought back in the workshop to have its decks sanded down with wet and dry sandpaper before it gets its final coats of varnish. When it comes back in it will get the rest of the restoration work done.

The Mai-Star Class dinghy will be the next back in the workshop to get finished off ready to be launched and have its sailing trials done.

At the same time work will be continuing of the Classic yacht Mai-Star II with its  refit coming along well and much of the major work done. 

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