Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The cockpit locker/ seats now made and trimmed and the start of the chain plates being dry fitted

The cockpit lockers / seats now finished with all the edges trimmed and covered with teak edging tape and ready to varnish

The first of the lockers/ seats varnished with its first coat of thinned varnish, just five more to go 

The fridge locker all varnished with its first coat of thinned varnish,just has to have the top and bottom vent holes to cut so when the fridge is working there is a flow of air over the cooling plates on the back of the fridge unit 

The port side locker being varnished before cutting out the doorway

The tops being varnished before fitting them down when the lockers are fitted in the boat cockpit

Starting to fit the new chainplates into the new position on the hull of the boat and through the deck of the boat.

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