Monday, 18 February 2019

New week and the project yacht refit begins with the dismantling of all the deck fittings and undressing the mast

The mast is now undressed and ready to be put in the roof space of the workshop for the duration of the refit.

The old standing and running rigging ready to be put into storage until it is time for it to go to the rigging shop to be renewed

The rudder loose fibreglass which is going to be removed and re-glass after it is tested to make sure it is dry enough to glass

The heel area which is in need of rebuilding so there is no ingress of water through this area 

The area appears to be intact and will just need sanding back before the whole rudder blade is epoxied as part of the underwater area treatment.

The loose Fibreglass removed to find good material below 

The heel area is in need of more intensive repairs to remove the filler and repair the crack in the rudder around the lower fitting 

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