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Monday, 10 July 2017

The finishing touches to Jasmine and the finishing off of the 8ft Dinghy wood trim

Jasmine now as her quadrant trim fited to her coamings and the final piece of trim fitted across the top of the transom. 
Now it is time for the owner to finish off the painting and varnishing and get the rigging made, so he can go for a trail sail.

The 8ft dinghy as now got all its knees fitted and the final piece of gunwale trim fitted and is now ready to get turned over to do the gelcoat repairs

Once the gelcoat repairs are completed then the hull will get a fresh coat of paint.

Before it is turned over the keel pieces will be glassed in position to strengthen the keel area and have something for the keel bands to fix into when they are refitted to the under side of the hull.

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