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Sunday, 2 July 2017

A busy week ahead down at the boatyard and on other projects

This week is going to busy getting the fittings back on Jasmine and sourcing ones that are missing which there is bound to be after such a long time since this boat was dismantled and parts were put away in storage. So it is going to be doing a jigsaw puzzle without the picture of how it goes together.  However, there a few pointers to show where many of fittings go. The rest will be down to experience where many of the fittings would have gone on other boats I have worked on in the past.

Other jobs that are going towards the end of their time with us are the Hardy Navigator which just needs a few items to finish it off and that can go back to its owner and he can go off fishing.

The 8ft dinghy will have its trim finished off this week and then it will be made ready for its hull to be re-painted after the gelcoat repairs are completed and getting the oars finished off and have the wear areas re-leathered  and the blades have them re-strap with copper.

Also this week there are a number of trailer repairs to be carried out and brakes to be sorted so we can transport the boats back to their owners. So all in all a busy week ahead for the team at J-Star Boat Services.

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