Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Testing the dovetail jig and then doing the upper half of the opening hatches and more laminating of door curved beams and painting hatches

Before starting to do the upper half of the hatches I did a dry run of the dovetail jig to make sure it is set up correctly fr the job.

The upper parts of the hatches ready to use the dovetail jig to joint the ends then once they are all done glue the corners together.

More doorway curved beams being glued up and once the glue has cured then it will be time to clean up the curved parts of the doors.

Some I prepared earlier just waiting to be cut to length and rebated into the fore and aft rails 

The lower hatch all primed up and ready to get fitted to the boat

Now both of the hatches are primed so they can be refitted to the boat.

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