Sunday, 12 June 2016

Moulding a new 8 foot dinghy

Having purchase the mould tooling, J-~Star Boat Services will be moulding a new 8 ft carvel dinghy with a number of different wood trims. So it will be up to the individual client which trim he or she wishes to have and whether it is going to be just a rowing dinghy or a outboard and rowing dinghy, there will be a choice of hull colours so the client can have their dinghy to match their main motor boat or yacht.

We are taking orders for this new dinghy and will start production in a months time with the first dinghies to be ready for delivery in August.

The first dinghy is already moulded and is ready for fitting out  

A blank canvas to make the dinghy your own 

The dinghy comes with a good size beam and will be very stable when coming from the dinghy to the main boat. 

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