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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Starting to nail in the ribs and once finished the next stage will be to fit the gunwales and seat stringers and the centreboard case.

This shows one side with the ribs all steamed in and ready to be nailed in place

The only problem which happened was that the second plank down from the sheer strake over night top edge spilt and so will have to remove plank and fit a new plank once all the ribs are nailed in place 

good to see the ribs going in at last and the dinghy stop being a jelly mould 

The brace in the middle is there to push the ribs up against before removing it to fit the ribs on the starboard side up against later.

Brace removed and the starboard side ribs going in position 

Getting there just a few more nails and roves to go and the next stage can start.

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