Saturday, 20 February 2016

Busy week going looking at boats and projects around the country.

This week there has been a lot going on down at the workshop, The main part of the week as been spent on getting the Mai-Star Class dinghy ribbed out and sorting out the patterns for the breasthook and quarter knees and sorting out the wood to make them next week.

Other jobs that were sorted out this week was to fitting of a replacement automatic electric bilge pump to Mai Star II after the original bilge pump had given up the ghost after 8 years of service.

Looking at other jobs that possible clients wish me to quote on and taking phone calls for new special projects that possible clients wish to have built over the coming months.

Next week it will be back down to the river Thames to get on with work on the yellow lifeboat and get on with its conversion to a river boat and studio for its owner. Then there is another lifeboat to look at to do a possible conversion to and turn this one into a liveaboard boat for its owner, This one is in the pipeline as the owner decides which way they want the interior to be set out.

Then there is the works dinghy to sort out and get back on the water and in service again then there is the restoration of the 56 year old Enterprise to finish off and get sailing for the new sailing season.


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